G-Energy Service Line W 5W-30

      Gazpromneft Moto 4T 20W-50 is a premium mineral oil that has been precisely formulated for use in a wide range of motorbikes and four-stroke engines. This oil, made with highly refined mineral oils and carefully selected additives, guarantees outstanding engine cleanliness, strong wear protection, and corrosion resistance.

      • Key Features:

      1. Engine Cleanliness: Gazpromneft Moto 4T 20W-50 aims to keep engines clean by removing hazardous deposits and increasing engine efficiency.
      2. Wear Protection: This oil delivers dependable engine wear prevention, extending engine life and boosting peak performance.
      3. Corrosion Protection: It protects your engine from corrosion, extending its life and maintaining smooth running.
      4. Ideal for Hot Climate: Due to its sophisticated formulation, this oil is ideal for motorbikes working in scorching conditions, providing dependable performance in demanding circumstances.

      • Specifications:


      • Available in:

      1 Litre, 205 Litres

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