Gazpromneft GL-5 75W-90

Gazpromneft GL-5 75W-90 is a meticulously formulated gear oil designed for gearbox components in on- and off-road usage. This gear oil, made from high-quality base oils and a sophisticated additive package, provides superb shifting performance, low-temperature fluidity, and high-temperature viscosity retention. 

  • Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Shifting Performance: Gazpromneft GL-5 75W-90 is specifically built to provide exceptional shifting performance, allowing for effortless and productive gear changes for an efficient driving experience.
  2. Low Temperature Fluidity: This gear oil has exceptional low-temperature fluidity, which ensures consistent performance even in cold weather. From the minute you start your engine, you can expect dependable performance.
  3. Viscosity Retention at High Temperatures: It retains proper viscosity even at high temperatures, protecting gear components and maintaining constant performance throughout rigorous operations.

  • Specifications:


  • Available in:

1 Litre

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