Gazpromneft GL-4 75W-90

Gazpromneft GL-4 75W-90 oil is precisely formulated high-performance gear oils composed of premium base oils and a cutting-edge additive system. These lubricants, engineered exclusively for vehicle heavy-duty transmissions, axles, and final drives, provide outstanding wear and scoring protection, assuring superior performance as well as long-term reliability. 

  • Key Features:

  1. Superior Gear Protection: Gazpromneft GL-4 75W-90 provides unrivalled protection for heavy-duty gear systems, preventing wear and scoring. It offers improved gear durability and dependability in demanding situations.
  2. High-Quality Formulation: The oil is formulated with base oils excellent in quality, along with an innovative additive system to provide optimal performance and longevity in environments that are extreme. 
  3. API GL-4 Performance: The oil meets the strict API GL-4 requirements for performance, thereby making them an excellent choice for applications requiring high gear protection.

  • Specifications:


  • Available in:

1 Litre

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