Gazpromneft Premium L 5W-30

Gazpromneft Premium L 5W-30 engine oil is a premium semi-synthetic engine oil that has been precisely developed to provide superior safeguards and performance for your vehicle. This high-quality oil is engineered to perform well under extreme environments, giving outstanding wear protection at high temperatures, ensuring easy cold starts, and preventing deposit development.

  • Key Features:

  1. Exceptional High-Temperature Wear Protection: Even in high-temperature situations, Gazpromneft Premium L 5W-30 provides unrivalled wear prevention. Its innovative composition and synthetic technologies create a strong protection against engine wear, allowing important engine components to last longer.

  1. Effortless Cold Start Performance: This oil has been optimised to provide consistent cold start performance, ensuring smooth engine ignition even in cold weather. 

  1. Inhibits Deposit Formation: The advanced additive system in Gazpromneft Premium L 5W-30 prevents deposit development, keeping your engine clean and performing optimally.  

  1. Wide Temperature Range Protection: This oil provides superior protection across a wide temperature range, delivering consistent performance in both hot and cold regions. Whether you’re driving through sweltering summers or frigid winters, Gazpromneft Premium L 5W-30 protects and performs your engine.

  • Specifications:


  • Available in:

1 Litre, 4 Litres, 5 Litres

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